Leading Supplier of Electrical Switchboards In Selangor, Malaysia

Established in May 1991, TS Electrical Marketing Sdn Bhd (TSEM) has grown exponentially over the decades. Operating from our manufacturing facilities in Puchong, Selangor, our core business encompasses the design, fabrication, installation, commissioning, maintenance and servicing of various electrical equipment. These include plc control panel, soft starter control panel, MCC control panels, switchgear and more. To this end, our corporate mission-cum-vision remains clear!

Corporate Mission-Cum-Vision

TSEM aims to be one of the foremost suppliers of quality electrical equipment throughout Malaysia.

TS Electrical, Maestros of Electrical Switchboards

Control panels or electrical switchboards need not be puzzling or cumbersome, with the right professionals. We are not just “any other” electrical switchboard manufacturer, as we will gladly walk you through the entire process; from advising you on the design, to the final factory acceptance test and continued maintenance of your electrical switchboard.

So, if it is electrical switchboard you seek or need, be it for your production line or projects, we are just a call away. Allow us to be of service to you, where anything and everything you need, especially where the following machineries are concerned:

  • Electrical control panel
  • PLC control panel
  • MCC control panel
  • Soft starter control panel

With TSEM, you never need worry about the supply and upkeep of your electrical paraphernalia, ever again. Our qualified staff, driven by our corporate mission, will ensure that your pre- and post-service satisfaction remain met.


TS Electrical Marketing Sdn Bhd (TSEM) was incorporated in May 1991 and operates from its office together with its manufacturing facilities at Puchong, Selangor. Our principal business is in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, maintenance and service of equipments. TS Electrical is an electrical supplier located in Selangor, one of the best electrical supplier throughout Malaysia.