April 01 - 05 2019

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Project: Production Monitoring

Client: Comprehensive Building Steel Manufacturer
Industry: Door Frame / Wall Frame / Roofing / C Purlins/ Roofing / Truss System
Objective: The system was built to keep track of raw material used and working time of the operators. When raw materials arrived, user will generate barcode label and attach it accordingly. During production, operator shall scan the barcode attached on the raw material (using mobile scanner). The installed PLC will keep track of the machine running status. All these data will be captured by server, in order to generate various kind of queries and reports. Furthermore, the same production data is posted to the cloud, user able to view the current production status and also performance for the current week. With our customized to suit solution, it allows the production manager and management to monitor their production remotely and at a glance.

Project: Mini-Hydro HQ project

Client: Malaysia Premier Power Utility Organization

Industry: Renewable Energy

Objective: Design and construct the Control Center to monitor all Mini-Hydro Power Plants around Peninsular Malaysia. The information are link up to the Control Center through boardband, satellite communication connection. The information include power generation, system alarm, downtime, availability etc. With our integrated total power and control solutions, the client shall be able to access all information of the community or industrial plant that they are serving throughout the country remotely.


Project: Laos Xayaburi Hydroelectric Power Project, Fish Passing Facilities Fish

Client: Infrastructure Developer of a Public Company in Thailand & the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Industry: Hydroelectric Dam / Food & Agriculture

Objective: Design & Develop PLC and SCADA system for monitoring and controls of the fish passing facilities for Xayaburi Hydroelectric Power Plant at Loas. The system uses the ABB AC500 PLC, combine with PCVue SCADA Software as the control system for the fish passing facilities. This system installed in the dam is to reduce the raising concern today that fisheries and the associated livelihoods are being threatened as a consequence of dam construction.

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