Soft Starter Control Panel


We integrate the component in our control panel Malaysia are usually soft starter, transformer, rectifier, regulator, control unit, earth leakage circuit breaker, control switch, metering devices, over load relay, timer, contactor, and many more according to the needs and specifications of our end user.
Soft starter control panel protects and prevent AC electric motors from damage caused by sudden influxes of power by limiting large initial inrush of current associated with motor start up. They provide a gentle ramp up to full speed and are used only at start up (and stop, if equipped). Ramping up the initial voltage to the motor produces this gradual start.
Soft starter control panel are used in applications that require speed and torque control are required only during start up (and stop if equipped with soft stop) or where there is a need to reduce large start up inrush currents associated with a large motor is required. They are also used when the mechanical system (the load) requires a gentle start to relieve torque spikes and tension associated with normal start up (for example, conveyors, belt-driven systems, gears, and so on). And they are used for pumps to eliminate pressure surges caused in piping systems when fluid changes direction rapidly.
Our design and manufacture control panel Malaysia is built to meet unique customer needs and specifications.